Graced Health’s Mission:

Encouraging women to strive for balanced, sustainable health and to appreciate our God-given bodies, without the journey becoming a false worship.


How I Got Here:

Graced Health is a ministry developed out of obedience to God’s nagging gentle prodding.  

For months, maybe a year, friends suggested I blog.  I declined.  The world does not need another health and fitness blogger.  

But God had other plans for me.  Every time I said no, He unsettled my heart. It finally broke.  I took my fingers out of my ears and started listening.

Eventually, I heard His whispers asking me to write, encouraging others to strive for His kind of health.  The kind where:

  • We move the way we were intended, but not obsess over steps or calories burned.
  • We listen to our body and eat foods He created, rather than look to an app for permission.  
  • We take care of our body, His temple, so we can do what we are called and created to do.

This blog does not fall into the health and fitness category.  If there was a “do your best to be healthy, give yourself grace when you’re not, keep your eyes focused on Him and savor a little chocolate” category, this would be it.  

This is a safe place to celebrate our healthy wins, recognize when we fail, and scoop up a huge serving of grace when we need it.


One Favor:

The very best gift you can give me is subscribing.  Why?  Because I have prayerful dreams of publishing one day.  The one metric publishers look at the most is subscribers to the website.  Not likes, or Facebook followers, or how many viral posts you created.  Those who have willingly provided their email are invested in your message, and those invested are more likely to purchase future publications.

You can subscribe by clicking here. It’s a two-step process, and not the country music kind.  Make sure you validate the email to complete your subscription.  As my teenage son would say, TIA.  I’ll stick with a virtual hug and a huge, “THANKS!”

My promise to you:

I have no plans to ever monetize this blog.  I will not sell your email. I will not flood your inbox.

My own unread emails grow every day and it becomes overwhelming.  My prayer is the posts I write give you encouragement and relax your shoulders.

Any products I mention are simply passing on items I love.  I have no affiliation with any companies, with the exception of Skirt Sports.  You can read about my love of Skirt and my relationship in this post. The title says it all:  I’m not selling it, but I want you to buy it.

Thanks for being a part of the Graced Health tribe!