Amy is an authentic, keep-it-real speaker who equally loves dark chocolate, roasted Brussels sprouts, and potato chips (but not together).

Amy’s mission is encouraging women to strive for balanced, sustainable health and to appreciate our God-given bodies, so they can do what they are called to do.

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean pursuing perfection.

Amy offers encouragement to your women’s groups by providing a different perspective of healthy. One that:

  • doesn’t include six-pack abs and hard-to-follow food rules.
  • gives our earthly and spiritual heart long-lasting benefits.
  • balances the process of honoring our temple while not turning it into a false worship.
  • releases the unrealistic expectations of body image set by the media and shifts the focus to God’s perfect will for us.

If this message would serve your women’s group, contact Amy below to schedule a visit.