Will You Join Me In Jogas?

Trying yoga for the month of June

My body is tired, tight and hurt. Is yours? Remember this post on rest?  And this one saying I’m shifting?  I’ve had a year of subtle signs leading up to one definitive change:

For the month of June, I’m restoring.  Recovering.  Refreshing.

My self-imposed rule is simple: Starting June 5, my primary form of exercise will be yoga.  Swimming, too, if I need cardio or to escape my children.  I’m calling it Jogas.  June + Yoga + Swimming.  Who said only celebrities can combine names?

Why wait until June 5?  Because this weekend I’m heading to Boulder, Colorado, to participate in a Skirt Sports retreat, hike, and 5K race. (eeeep I’m so excited!!!)  I won’t exactly be racing my best. I’m not sure a concrete jungle, sea-level elevation girl can adequately prepare for running outside the mile-high city.  My training has been sub-par thanks to tight hips and if I’m honest, lack of motivation.


outside yoga

My downward dog bored my dog.

After that, I will keep moving, but in a way that loosens my muscles and joints rather than winding them up so tight they scream in pain.

Because I’m cheap and a bit of a homebody, I’ll be using the Asana Rebel app.  I discovered the app through a Facebook ad.  It includes several sets of poses and most importantly, gives me a green dot when I complete a workout for the day.

Asana Rebel App

Green dots on Asana Rebel!

I purchased the annual subscription for $50ish, which is the same as I would pay to attend a studio for one month.  I will also revive Mr. Poppins’ old P90X Yoga DVD.  Bonus to both: I don’t have to drive anywhere!

If I want Bikram hot yoga, I’ll step outside on my Houston patio.  95 degrees and 90% humidity for FREE!  The chances of that happening are about 0.01%.  You could not pay me enough to attend one of those hot yoga classes.  I believe I’ve mentioned before I can’t handle the heat?

Embracing yoga is easier said than done.  A satisfying workout for me often means plenty of sweat, breathing hard, fiery muscles and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).  I have to shift my mind to appreciate the benefit of a yoga session.

The reality is I do sweat and fatigue practicing yoga.  It’s different, but make no mistake — it’s HARD in its own way.

Deep breathing is my favorite part.  I love filling my lungs completely with the air God abundantly provides.  A close second is taking the time to acknowledge all the muscles, ligaments, and tendons He intricately and perfectly designed.  When I’m holding a pose for 45 seconds, it literally gives me pause to reflect on that one body part He created.

Balance + Breathing = Power!

Would you like to join me?  If you’ve been pushing, going, lifting, running, or winding everything up too long and you need a break, I officially give you permission to take it. We’ll vary our fitness for the month.  We can create our own Jogas group and keep each other accountable from both perspectives.  I’ll be honest, I may need someone to hold me back as I coach my summer workout group.

I’m looking forward to this month-long adjustment.  Who knows, maybe it will encourage me to keep more ommmm’s in my regimen once June is complete.