Local friends are invited to join Amy’s outdoor workout group. If you’re looking for a supportive, encouraging instructor AND women to exercise with, this is the place!

What will we do?

A little bit of everything!  We will focus on strengthening our full body today to prepare it for vibrancy long-term.  Expect strength training, bodyweight exercises, balance, core, cardio, agility, and flexibility.  Each day will bring something new.  Sometimes we will have a strong focus on a couple areas and others we will complete a comprehensive workout.  No matter what we do, I want you to leave feeling equal parts accomplished, energized, and fatigued.


$10 drop-in per class; $50 unlimited classes per month. Please make checks payable to “Amy Connell LLC.”  No rollovers for missed classes. (See inclement weather policy below.)

What to bring:

Each class, bring a water bottle and yoga mat (or towel).  Sunscreen and sweat towels are encouraged.  Bring anything else you may need.  For example, if you have sensitive wrists, bring push-up handles to neutralize your wrists while we do planks and push-ups.   Occasionally you will need dumbbells (hand weights).

But I have an issue with (insert here – knee, ankle, elbow, etc.).  Can I still come?

Yes! Most issues can be worked around and modified.  PLEASE tell me ahead of time so I can provide guidance.  We are not 24 anymore.  I’m not interested in pushing you so hard you injure yourself.  I am interested in training your body for LIVING LIFE WITH VIBRANCE. (Click on the link to learn more.)

I want to join! How do I sign up?

  1. Message me via Facebook, Instagram, or email
  2. Print out this questionnaire and bring it to class with you.
  3. Print out the liability waiver and bring it to class with you. You may also scan and email back to

Where will I know where to go each time?

I will send a message via GroupMe the evening before notifying you of where class will be the next day.  Many of my students are not on social media. Location will be determined by weather and day.  You do not need to respond if you are coming or not.

Referral policy:

Refer a friend who has not been to class before.  If she signs up for a month, you receive $10 off your monthly fee or one free drop-in.

Inclement weather policy:

Unfortunately, with outdoor classes, we are at the mercy of the weather.  We have a couple locations that are covered and will hold class there assuming it’s safe to do so. One cancellation per month is factored into the monthly fee, as most months have more than eight classes.  My hope is we rarely utilize this.  If more than one is canceled, you will receive a $6 credit toward your next drop-in or monthly fee for each additional class canceled.

Social Media

Occasionally I may take pictures for marketing this class on my personal Facebook page or to post on my Graced Health social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).  If you do not want to be in those pictures, please let me know.  I have an off-the-grid husband and son and understand and respect your wishes.


As stated above, please fill out the waiver and bring it to class with you. Alternatively, you may scan and email back to

Other questions?

Message me via Facebook, Instagram, or email

Graced Fitness is a division of Amy Connell LLC.