Delusional Optimism and other altruisms

Nicole DeBoom, founder of Skirt Sports. Amy Connell |

If someone called me “delusional,” I might be slightly offended. “Optimistic,” however, invokes pride.

But “Delusionally Optimistic?” I’m not even sure what that means. It has a nice ring, though.

Last year I attended my first Skirt Sports Ambassador retreat. I wrote about my excitement of being selected for this program a year ago. Please read this link if you haven’t. Then keep reading below for a discount code I’m honored to provide.

At the retreat in Boulder, Colorado, Dr. James Rouse, founder of Healthy Skoop, declared the ambassadors to be Delusionally Optimistic. In his own fueled-by-positivity way, he inspired us to love others through encouragement, grace, and kindness. Our ambition may be far-reaching, but we do it anyway.

Skirt Sports Ambassador lunch after racing. Amy Connell |

Turns out Delusionally Optimistic is a good thing.

This begins my second year as an Ambassador.  My enthusiasm hasn’t waned. My credit card statements, unfortunately, affirm this. As I think about the past year, Dr. James’ quote keeps rolling around in my head.

Delusionally Optimistic.

Here’s my own take:


Can feeling cute actually make you move more? I mean really, doesn’t that sound kind of … shallow? Maybe, but maybe not. Think of all the barriers we have in getting a workout in: Weather, time, kids, motivation, sleep. What if you needed just one thing to tip the scales to lacing up your shoes or unrolling your mat and just doing it? What if that one thing was something fun to wear?

Take a friend to your first Kangoo jump class for even more fun. Amy Connell |

Skirts may not be your thing. My friend, Kandice, swears she will never wear one. That’s ok. The Pocketopia capris have about 38 pockets in them (actually four, but seriously FOUR is a total game changer). The prints are fun, vibrant, and edgy. Or black, if that’s your preference.

Skirt Sports mission is to empower women of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to transcend their perceived limits and pursue their greatest health ambitions. We celebrate each woman’s strength and beauty as she embraces the transformative power of fitness and has fun doing it.

Skirt Sports Ambassadors practicing yoga. Amy Connell |

They truly do want every woman to find how empowering fitness is. Every woman – regardless of size, ability, or history. If getting them into something that fits well and gives them confidence, then maybe that will encourage them to take that next, or first, step into fitness. Delusional? Perhaps.

Admittedly, my own Graced Health mission is a bit delusional. Encouraging women to strive for balanced, sustainable health and to appreciate our God-given bodies (no matter what that looks like) so they can do what they are called to do.

Lioness skirt from skirt sports. Amy Connell |

Can we ever totally appreciate our body? What if it’s lumpy? Or too flat? Or not flat enough?

Yes, we can.

I’m confident we can get to a point where we are less concerned with how our body looks and more concerned with how well it functions.

That’s because I’m …


I believe we can get past the point of searching for perfection. I truly do.

Often in my speeches, I encourage women to find like-minded people to accompany them on their health journey. I have several avenues of like-minded women, including those I coach in my Graced Fitness classes, my bible study, and other close friends.

A common theme among these girls is their optimism.

The Skirt Sports Ambassadors are no different. Scrolling through our Facebook group, I witness cheers and encouragement for all kinds of physical and personal accomplishments. It’s a trickle-down effect from Skirt Sports founder, Nicole DeBoom.

Nicole DeBoom, founder of Skirt Sports. Amy Connell |

To borrow Nicole’s line from her Run This World podcast, we really do believe we can run our world in ways we didn’t know was even possible.

If you’d like to experience this yourself, head over to the #RealWomenMove Challenge Facebook group and join. The group is designed to help you achieve and stay accountable to your fitness goals. You’ll have over two thousand women cheering you on as you go!

Be delusionally optimistic. Skirt Sports Ambassador. Amy Connell |

Label Accepted

So yes, I suppose I’m Delusionally Optimistic. I’ll wear that badge with pride if it helps women find empowerment through fitness and freedom from perfection.

If you’ve made it this far, you may be wondering when I’m going to make a pitch.  I’m not.  In fact:

  • I do not sell Skirt Sports. I don’t receive commission or compensation when you purchase.
  • I do, however, receive a small allowance twice per year and a product discount as Captain.
  • My love for Skirt Sports goes much deeper than the multiple pockets on their skirts and capris, the quality fabric, and attention to detail that only a female athlete can provide.
  • I’m a total fangirl of Nicole DeBoom. There, I said it. Just to prove my point I’m going to share our picture again.Nicole DeBoom, founder of Skirt Sports. Amy Connell |

Give Skirt Sports a try for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Use code 166Conn to receive 15% off your purchase. Valid on full priced items as many times as you want. I may or may not have made multiple purchases within two days of each other.

My favorite skirt is the Lioness, capris are the aforementioned Pocketopia, and the Wonder Girl dress. The Gym Girl Ultra is their best selling skirt; always a good place to start.

If you have sizing, fabric, or product questions, feel free to email me at or ask me on Instagram or Facebook. I’m a solid size medium, 5’4” and 144 pounds for your reference. (You can read why displaying that number doesn’t bother me here.)

Thank you, Skirt Sports, for allowing me to be a part of your team. I’m proud to be Delusionally Optimistic with you. And as soon as my order arrives, I’ll be proud to wear this shirt:

Skirt Sports Ambassadors are Delusionally Optimistic. Amy Connell |

Embrace delusional optimism. Skirt Sports Ambassador. Amy Connell |


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