This video is for anyone who’s ever asked, “Can we work on our abs?”

8 minute quick ab and core workout. Amy Connell |

I approach my outdoor fitness classes with a comprehensive, long-term mindset.

I’m not trying to kill anyone. Please don’t work so hard you want to (or actually) throw up. Let’s not tax your muscles so much you can’t function the rest of the day.

Instead, let’s train your entire body for a vibrant life. Set yourself up for success now, and for your future goals.

We succeed in this. We:

  • Strength train our muscles with our body weight and dumbbells.
  • Teach our ankles to adapt to unexpected trips with agility.
  • Pull our heart rate up with short bursts of running and/or speed walking and my favorite, burpees.
  • Focus on balancing exercises to avoid falling and injuring ourselves.

Through all these exercises, we engage and strengthen our core.

Feel the burn

Rarely, though, do we have a burnout session of abs. We integrate it but don’t focus on it.

However, there’s something oddly satisfying about crunching till your midsection is on fire. Then the next day rolls around, you stretch in bed and ahhhhhh, it’s “hurts so good.”

8 Minute Ab and Core Workout

This week’s 8 Minutes of Graced Health gives you a concentrated abdominal and core workout.  Add this to the end of any workout, use it as a quick break from computer-staring, or as consequence for your son’s filthy room when you’ve asked him to clean it up three days in a row. Just kidding. Kind of.


  • Deborah Brooks February 2, 2018 Reply

    I am one of those people who loves to work my abs! I love it when they hurt-sign of a great workout

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