How Experimenting may be Your Most Successful Decision This Year

Amy Connell |

If you woke up sore this morning, or really anytime in the last week, you’re not alone.  I did, too. December was … well, December, with all the things that come with it.  Add on to that a cold-turned-bronchitis and I didn’t even put on my beloved Skirt Sports for about ten days.  Yesterday I eased myself into a gentle workout of agility, squats, and (modified) push-ups. Oweeee this morning!

Are you there too?  Are you one of the millions of people across the country whose New Years Resolution is to lose weight or get healthier? According to a YouGov poll, the most common aspirations for the coming year in the U.S. are to eat healthier, get more exercise and to save more money.

Experiment with how to make your new year's resolutions work. Amy Connell |

Back in the Game

I took a hiatus from Graced Health in December.  It wasn’t busyness so much that kept me from connecting. I was just overwhelmed and quite frankly tired of the computer and phone. My inbox filled with so many specials and deals that it was lucky to get scanned. I only missed a few important emails. Oops.

Figuring out all the “right” ways to connect on social media has my head spinning. The combination of algorithms and expert recommendations and of course my own time availability make it impossible to reach everyone.

But now I have a new approach.

January’s Word: Experiment

My two goals for the new year are strangely linked.

  1. Try one new fitness medium each month.
  2. Submit to online publications.

How do these relate? They’re both experiments.

My intent is not to radically change how I do things, instead to intentionally see the results of change.

Honestly, my expectations are low on articles being published. But it will be a good practice in staying focused, putting myself out there, and keeping myself accountable.

I don’t expect to create new habits with any of my experimental classes.  I may love the boxing class, or the Bounce Fit Club I’ll be attending with a friend. Instead, I’ll be hoping for different benefits.

Trying new classes will challenge my body, no doubt. But it will also give my mind a workout. Enthusiasm will come with each unique class. And it will give me something new and fun to look forward to on a monthly basis.

It's ok to experiment with your fitness goals. Amy Connell |

Create Your Own Experiments

Maybe you are in a hard reset this month. You have a lot of food and exercise rules. Perhaps you are reverting to your September ways, when you were scheduled and disciplined (well, except for game day Saturdays if you’re like me). Or maybe you’re trying to totally switch things up, creating brand new habits with lofty goals.

How about shifting your mindset about January? Consider this time an experiment.  What works? What can you continue long term? What can’t you continue long term? How do you feel when you cut out alcohol, sugar, snacks, etc?

Approach January as a mission, if you will. Give yourself a final mission date to evaluate how it went, and how you want to approach sustainability.  Maybe it all stays the same. But maybe, that 5-day-a-week-60-minute workout is just too much to do on a long-term basis.

That’s ok.

The key is finding your own sustainable health. The one that sets you up for a vibrant life, not abs that will get you on the cover of a magazine.

Graced Health Changes (maybe?)

As for Graced Health, expect some experiments. Some will last, others may not.  We’ll just see.  I’ll be posting some shorter workouts on my Facebook page, which will land on the website for permanent access.  You may see me in your inbox a little more often. Posts may be shorter, more manageable. Or that might be more than I can manage and that only lasts a few weeks.  

Whatever your experiment, know you have the power to make it permanent or temporary. You know what’s sustainable. You know what’s best for your physical and mental health.

And if it makes you sore (physically OR mentally), that’s a good thing. That’s how we grow, after all.

What’s one experiment you are trying right now? Comment below!







  • Heather Lake January 7, 2018 Reply

    Amy, I hear you on all of the points you made in this post! I love the concept of giving myself permission for some experiments to not work…and that’s ok! My experiments so far this year (in a nutshell): walk more and pray/listen more. The results have been outstanding. 🙂 Best wishes for you in 2018!!

    • January 7, 2018 Reply

      Heather I’m glad your own experiments are treating you well! Knowing I don’t have to continue the ones that don’t work well makes it so much easier to complete the “mission.” Best to you as well!

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