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Quick balance exercises to do anywhere. Amy Connell |

Remember how I said I was experimenting this month?  This is one of those said experiments.

Would you like to join me?

New Workout Videos

One of the recurring pieces of feedback I receive is that friends enjoy the fitness videos I occasionally film via Facebook Live, then post to my Graced Health Facebook page.  

This makes me chuckle, as most of the time I’m not in the best space literally, physically, or in my head. I’m always a mess, jumbling my words and not completing sentences.

I’ve also heard, “I wanted to do it but didn’t have the time.”

In response, I offer you shorter, more focused workouts.

Their home will be on Expect a website remodel soon to reflect this. (“Soon” means “as soon as I can figure out how to make the screen reflect the vision in my head.”) Subscribers will receive these so they can build their own workouts.

(Pssst it reeeeeaaaallly helps me out and makes me do a happy dance when you subscribe to the website, which you can do here.)

Each video is around eight minutes long.  Why eight? Because it’s more than five and less than ten. And because it loosely rhymes with “Graced.” This is a very scientific process, you know.

I’m trying to figure out a catchy title for these. Until then, we will call them “Eight Minutes of Graced Health.”

quick 8-minute balance workout at

It’s All About Balance

One of the sneaky skills to leave us as we get older is balance. One day we are straddling the top of the monkey bars, and the next we don’t trust our feet to leave the ground, let alone be elevated seven feet off the ground.

Yet this is exactly why we should intentionally train the small muscles surrounding our ankles and knees.  

Life takes us up, down, and all around. We rarely are standing in one place with two feet firmly planted on the ground.

Practicing balance when we have a stable moment helps execute balance when we unexpectedly need it.

(I feel like these words can be applied from a meditative and spiritual perspective, too. Hmmmm.)

Several months ago I wrote about training for a vibrant life. This has become a mantra of sorts and reminds me of the why behind my movement. My students may or may not be tired of hearing it.

Perform this eight(ish) minute video to help train for your own vibrant life.

(Some emails have a difficult time picking up the video. View it here on the website or here on YouTube.)






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